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Solidworks stuck loading, but memory is 50% and CPU is 20% ?

Question asked by Valery Volkov on Jun 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2020 by Heiko Sohnholz

So I'm working with a large assembly and a bunch of imported 2D sketches - I can't work in Large Assembly mode because then I stop seeing those sketches. I can't work on a faster level of details because then the sketches momentarily disappear when I rotate/move the screen. When I showed it to the IT, he noticed that the CPU is only at 20% and the memory is at 50% while Solidworks was performing a command that took it a minute, so he can't be sure it's the laptop that's slow. The specific action I was doing was was editing a very large imported sketch within an assembly (trim entities/deleting/changing dimensions,etc). I cannot edit it outside of the assembly because I need to see relations to the 3D model.  


Due to confidentiality concerns I can't upload what I'm working on.


First question: Why is Solidworks not maxing out CPU and memory when it's stuck processing a command like trim entities? 


Second question: How do I properly vet my laptop for Solidworks?

Sadly everybody else in my company works on an earlier version of Solidworks so we can't check it with their computers. 



Processor: i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.8GHz


Hardrive: SATA 512GB

Display Adapters: Nvidia Quadro m620


Solidworks version: 2019 SP 3.0