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Simulation of a Force impact on Blade

Question asked by Mohammed Lamine Mekhalfia on May 31, 2020


As it is my graduation project, the 1st using  Solidworks.

I constructed the attached blade, since I am looking to run some tests on it.

My Goal is to measure deformation and displacement and in further stages vibration generated by this Blade due to force f ( axial, transversal).

The force will be applied to the tip of the Blade, The Force f(x,t) = f0*cos(omega*t)*δ(x-x0)  where omega=2*pi*316 (a random value) and δ(x-x0) is the delta of dirac modeling the location of the force (at x0) wherex0=l where l is the length of the blade.

As a result I would like to plot deflection by time.

My approach is to use ''   Linear Dynamic - Modal Time History "  - define the fixed geometry (the roots of the blades) and apply the force on the point desired.

- is my approach correct or not? I ask because I am beginner.

- How to input this form of force? I tried function but it only give a Box where I can't input value? do I have to compile it in an other software like MATLAB and import results or there is a solution to do it in Solidworks#.

I am also open for any suggestion that serve for solving this Problem and since I am beginner I welcome any idea.