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Confirm System Configuration

Question asked by Mukarram Khan on May 29, 2020

We are going to take a system which is having following configuration


Dell Precision Tower 3630

1) Processor- i7-8700k 8th Generation. Base Frequency 3.6GHz and Turbo Max Frequency 4.7GHz.

2) Ram 32GB (16+16) ECC. (Expandable upto 128Gb

3) 500 GB SSD M.2 Hard Drive. Additional 1 TB plain Hard Drive.

4) Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

5) NVIDIA P4000 Quadro Graphics Card (8GB DDR5 GPU Memory.


A) Please tell how the system is? Application is : High End Visualize and Photoview 360 Rendering and Liitle flow Simulation work.

B) Please confirm if Dell Precision Tower 3630 supports NVIDIA Quadro P4000?