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Troubles with opening files from any other location then USB.

Question asked by Rastislav Kurinec on May 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2020 by Rastislav Kurinec



I believe I have encountered quite unique problem with Solidworks.

Can’t find anyone else with this problem or suggestion of what may help.


Whenever I try to open a file from HDD or from work network I get this error message soon as I

click on the file and when I click anywhere else after clicking on the file.


Thing is this problem doesn’t occur when I’m trying to open same file from USB.



Both files comes from the same source.


This problem includes opening only non Solidworks files.

Files like parts and assemblies work fine.


This issue occurred randomly without any previous changes know to me.


I tried deleting registry, reinstalling solidworks.

This seems to be more of a Windows related issue but everything else works fine.


I’m using Windows 8.1 and Solidworks 2018 SP5.

Unfortunately I can’t upgrade Windows to 10 for example because other software(from TRUMPF)

doesn’t support it so I’m stuck with the Windows.


Anyone have any idea what could cause this problem or any suggestion for fix ?

I’m getting quite desperate to be honest. I work a lot with customers files that come in .STP. 


Any help is appreciated,


Thanks in advance !