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Getting angles right in sheet metal

Question asked by Laurens Te Boekhorst on May 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2020 by ömür tokman


I'm building a sheet metal cover for some tubes, but I can't seem to get the angles right on it. The cover is at an angle of 5 degrees on the front plane and right plane. At first, I tried drawing the flattened profile and sketch bending it. This came out pretty good, but if you look from the top the bends are not at 90 degrees. When I patterned the tubes in a circle, two of them stuck out slightly. So I took a different path and tried the lofted bend. I calculated the top measurement, and as far as I know, the math is correct. Yet when I measure the angle on the front plane between the sides, Solidworks says it is 9.35 degrees instead of 10. Also it refuses to mate a square tube to the sides, because of the angle. Is it a CAD thing that turns out fine in reality or am I doing it wrong?


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