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Where is "publish to 3d" in 2020?

Question asked by Jory Blagden on May 29, 2020
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by Jory Blagden

I've read the help. It says this:

Publishing a Model to 3D PDF

You select a 3D PDF template, and then populate the 3D PDF with items you select, such as 3D views, notes, custom properties, and BOMs.

To publish a model to 3D PDF:

  1. Click Publish to 3D PDF (MBD toolbar or 3D Views tab).



Blah blah blah. The only MBD toolbar I see is "MBD dimensioning" and it isn't there. It is not in the 3D Views tab either. I've typed "publish...." in the command box....only shows publish to edrawings.


Where the hell is Publish to 3D PDF hiding?