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Where are the best free video tutorials for learning SWX 2020, fast?

Question asked by John Smith on May 28, 2020
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Where can I find the best free collection of video tutorials for learning SWX 2020?


- I don't want to learn any previous versions of SWX (just v2020)
- I don't want to have to read too much, instead I want to see videos. (I am rather dyslexic)
- I want videos that move at a reasonable speed. (I am in a hurry)
- I want to be shown each feature just once

- I only want to be shown the basics of SWX - please don't clutter my mind with advanced features... not just yet.


My reseller in the UK has loads of videos but I can't get them to play at all. (Their site is dog-slow, which won't be helping).  I am a SWX novice but I know OnShape moderately well.


With thanks





e.g. Right now when I view my assembly in "Hidden Lines Removed" mode I have one part which keeps disappearing and turning into very pale purple lines. I can get it to reappear but clicking on the part ==> Change Transparency.
I'm sure it'll be something basic.