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Drawing Annotation - Can't Drag Centerline Endpoints

Discussion created by Shayne Green on May 27, 2020
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Hopefully this is an easy one. I've somehow never ran into this issue in all my years of SolidWorks and I'm stumped after 3 hours of dealing with this. I have one drawing view on a drawing that when I insert centerline annotations, I can not drag the endpoints to make the centerlines longer/shorter. Additionally, I've noticed that in this view I can not select hidden lines (hole in the sidewall) to create a single centerline as it instead auto inserts all of the centerlines in the view (the Auto Insert option is unchecked). The centerline annotations are working fine in all the other drawing views on the same page. (SW2019 SP5)


Things I've tried:
Deleting all the annotations on the view and adding them again
Turning on or off all the options in the Tools->Sketch Settings menu
Completely restarting SW and the computer
Scoured nearly any properties I can right click into a s well as the document properties.