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    DWG Document Manager

    AC Alexander Chee
      I Add-In SolidWorks Workgroup PDM, and there is a message below pop-up everytime I start my SW:

      " The DWG Document Manager library is invalid or missing. Please see your administartor"

      Can anyone advice me how to deactivate this message?
      What setup should I do?


      P.S: I had uploaded a pic file for the meesgae box
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          Ryan Beck
          I am having the same issue on a new installation - never happened to me before.

          Tried a repair...

          Cannot think of anything peculiar with this machine over another without the issue.

          Puzzled... YES.
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              Mahir Abrahim
              I get this error after uninstalling 2010 Beta.  I tried uninstalling/reinstalling 2009, but the error still pops up every time the PDM Workgroup addin is loaded.  A fix for would be nice, SolidWorks.
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                  Joy Garon

                  Hello All,


                  It would be great if each of you would report this as a bug. (The difficulty is finding a reproducible case :-()


                  I have only seen this error once and this is how I fixed the issue:

                  If one of you get a chance would you try installing SolidWorks Explorer? (uninstall the current version if necessary)




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                Daniel Eelman

                I had this error once.  Below is the reply that I got from our VAR.  It solved the problem in my case.


                Answer:This error message, "The document manager library is invalid. Please see your PDMWorks administrator.” is caused by version mismatch of the 'SwDocumentMgr.dll ' file located in C:\Program Files\CommonFiles\SolidWorks Shared. The Pack and Go functionality relies on this file.

                To fix this issue, rename the file SwDocumentMgr.dll, and then repair the SolidWorks Explorer Installation.
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                  Mahir Abrahim

                  I tried both repairing and reinstalling SW Explorer. When reinstalling SW (from an admin image) I deleted every scrap of SW evidence off my hard drive and registry, including the Common Files\SolidWorks Shared folder.  I even ran a regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Common Files\SolidWorks Shared\swdocumentmgr.dll, but that did nothing.


                  I'm certain it had something to do with installing 2010 Beta because uninstalling it makes the problem appear, while reinstalling Beta makes the error go away.  I checked the Beta Forum, but there's no mention of this other than someone not being able to use Task Scheduler because of the error.


                  I'll submit this to my VAR since I don't have any other alternative, but something tells me there's someone at SW that know's the magic hidden registry key that's hosing the magic hidden dll.  I'm guessing that person also wrote the 2010 Beta installer script.


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                    Gary Garrison
                    I recently uninstalled 2010 Beta and am now getting this message.
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                      Jan Hallvard Myhren



                      Have anyone found a solution for this problem?

                      I`m using SolidWorks 2009 x64



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                        Richard Dinardo

                        I too have tried all the fixes mentioned and none of them make the problem go away. Unchecking the PDM explorer option from addins in solid works makes the error disappear from Solid Works but not from Solid Works Explorer and checking the boxes in addins brings the error right back when running solid works. Renaming the dll and doing a repair definitely puts the DLL back but it appear to be exactly the same dll and throws exactly the same error when running solidworks

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                            Michael Marshall

                            I've had a half-dozen installations do this lately (installing from admin image, SW 2015 SP3.0), and the fix for the MS KB3072630 (detailed in S-069490) seems to do the trick. An uninstall, registry tweak, re-install, registry untweak is required.


                            What's really annoying is that after the KB3072630 issue reared it's ugly head for other SW issues, it seems to be the fix prescribed for other issues even on PCs that do not show the KB3072630 update being installed.


                            Of course, I've been told that the fix for this and several other installation/update ailments is to upgrade to 2015 SP5.0 (or 2016 SP1.0), but unfortunately I don't have the time to pull that off right now...will have to do late spring (or early summer) after our (E)PDM Pro 2016 upgrade.