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Parameter Set "Differential Pair" and "Net Class" Not Printed

Question asked by Thomas Thanner on May 28, 2020
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I am using the "differential pair" and "Net Class" parameter sets in my schmematics a lot. During schematics input everything looks as it should on screen:



But when I print the schmatics to PDF using "Project"/"Generate Outputs" or the "Outputs"/"Print" , the graphical symbols for these directives are not printed. Only the class names and values are shown in the PDF-document:


I tried to switch between "logical" and "physical" documentalready. But there was no change in output. Also the various check-boxes in the print-configuration dialog hod no influence.

I guess I am just missing a simple setting in one of the myriads of configuration dialogs of SolidWorks PCB. Any hint how to get the schematics printing done including all symbols is highly appreciated.


Thank you all!