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API+Envelope Select = dud! (I think)

Question asked by Kevin Hill on May 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2020 by Kevin Hill

Hi all,

I'm creating envelopes on the fly through the API based on bounding box of a component (plus an expansion dimension).  The goal is to use that envelope to hide components outside that of that envelope and save an EASM of the results.  We want to use this method for our production team to review models with a focus on the item being reviewed and it's environment.


I think I've run into a wall with the selection process.  I am typically pretty good searching the web and the help file to find a solution, but I'm stumped.  All I can really find on this is the runcommand "swCommands_Hide_Zone" but this just fires off a dialog box that I can't automate my way through.


Am I missing something simple?  Is there a method of selecting items outside my envelope?


Kevin Hill