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Complex PCB File Donation...

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on May 25, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2020 by Evan Stanek

Many SW users encounter serious slow-downs when incorporating complex PCB boards in their mechanical assemblies.


I am doing a study on this impact. While I have quite a few samples coming from my customers I worked with to maximize their efficiency, I cannot share even a picture of their boards in articles or videos.


If any of you has access to Altium and can put together a dummy complex PCB board (with no intellectual property claims whatsoever) and save it as a STEP file and share it with me, I would be extremely grateful. You can also send me a SOLIDWORKS file of a PCB board. Can be a multibody part or assembly.


PM me, so I can give you a link to upload the file set.


I promise that I will share the result of my findings with the SW Community via articles and videos.


Many thanks in advanced!