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Model moving parts that need to be drawn in place?

Discussion created by Sam Johnson on May 23, 2020
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I know this might sound silly, but i need to draw a part that i want to be able to move within an assembly, but i need the size of the space its going in to be able to model it to the correct size which is in a different part. So basically what i have is a cupboard unit and i want to model the draw box which can be pulled out of the unit, but as soon as i sketch the outline of the box, it mates it in place so i cant pull it out, the only way i can think is to write down the size i need then model the draw box in a new part and bring it in as a component but surely there is an easier way than doing this?


Any help/advice will be much appreciated.


Thanks, Sam


UPDATE 28/05/20


I have quickly modelled a similar situation which applies to a lot of different scenarios, so i have modelled the desk with 2 openings for draws, now in an assembly from that part, i have modelled a draw in a new part, but because i needed to reference the opening to get the size of my draw front, it is now fixed, how do i model the draw to fit in the gap, but still have it free to more in and out, say for example to show how it would run on some draw runners??


Thanks, Sam