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Simulation of hydrostatic pressure on subsea umbilical

Question asked by Nicolas Dann Ruiz on May 22, 2020

Hello everyone,


I am currently struggling on my thesis project on the topic of the design of a subsea umbilical cord. In particular, I have to design the outer sheath of the umbilical, to ensure that the inside is not affected by hydrostatic and environmental loading. I have read that I could apply a non-uniform pressure on Solidworks, but am not sure if this would be the best approach, or how I should define the equation for pressure to correctly simulate how the pressure acts on the umbilical. On top of that, I would like to study the effect of a current force on the umbilical cord. I am not sure if Solidworks will deliver reliable results for my project at hand.


Has anyone ever dealt with a similar project before, or would have an idea of how I can approach the problem? I would greatly appreciate their help!



Nicolas Dann