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Improvements in separated flow at low angles since 2012?

Discussion created by Steve Grossman on May 21, 2020
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Good afternoon fellow Flowheads,


I've been using Flowsim 2012 at home since 2012 to investigate flow over a subsonic aircraft. I was told many years ago that the drag and lift for separated flow at a low separation angle, say 3- 15 degrees, was not accurate because of the internal modeling of the separation.


I know, from wind tunnel testing at work, that this code and it's predecessors Nika and EFD give exceptional results for separation from a bluff body, such as from an R2D2 shape. I bought the code for home use based on those results, even knowing that the results would not be as good at low separation angles.


I'm considering upgrading my SW and Flowsim seats to 2020. 


My question is whether the 2020 code will give better low angle separated flow results?