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Probe results goes to wireframe of whole model

Question asked by Rakesh Chauhan on May 22, 2020
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by Jay Seaglar

I have a large model with lots of bodies and surfaces etc, total number of nodes is 1112206. I have my results plots displaying stress on a selected few bodies. when i go to probe the results it goes to a wireframe, displaying all of the elements in the model. in this wireframe mode the probe at location wont work, nothing happens when i click on a node or select a few nodes and i then have to try and use on selected entities, but with lots of nodes then being listed it isn't practical. I have a similar type of model (much less nodes) and when i do the same on that it is fine, the probe results allows me to pick from what was already only being shown.


How do i stop it from going to a wireframe of the whole model, and allow me to probe from what was already being displayed only? 

It is a large model but if i am only probing results from only a few pre selected bodies and there is no issue with displaying those results, there shouldn't be a graphics issue should there?