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    Custom Property error

    Megan Fannon
      In my title block I link to several custom properties that are controlled by Enterprise PDM. One of these properties, "Dwg Number" had been set up incorrectly as $PRP rather than a custom property, so it didn't show up in the Custom Property list of new drawing files, and the linked note didn't work.

      The property assignment has been fixed now and new drawings work fine. The issue is with the previously created drawings. I have managed to get the "Dwg Number" property to show up in the Custom Properties tab by selecting and deleting all the properties from the list, saving and closing, and then forcing a save of the file properties within the PDM browser (by editing and saving the data card). When I then open the file in SW, all the PDM controlled custom properties have been added to the Custom Property tab, including Dwg Number.

      The problem is that while the title block notes with links to other properties find the values properly, the Dwg Number is still not found and I get an error when annotation link errors are turned on and nothing if errors are off.

      I am running SW2009 SP2.1, Enterprise PDM 2009 SP 2, Windows XP Pro SP 3.

      Any suggestions?
        • Custom Property error
          Megan Fannon
          I'm still struggling with this problem and have a bit of additional information, if it helps. I just discovered that the value in "Dwg Number" shows up properly in the title block note in eDrawings (that is, when I right click in EPDM and choose "View/Markup").

          So, there's something getting lost within SolidWorks, and only for that note and any new note I create linking to that property.

          Would this question fit better in the EPDM category?

          • Custom Property error
            Megan Fannon
            Just to follow up, it turned out that this was an error in the files themselves. My VAR sent the affected files to SW for repair. The property that I had assigned incorrectly had apparently stored in the "Solidworks Only" section of the file which was overshadowing the custom property I created later. They are uncertain as to exactly why/how it happened, and suspect something in the history of the file is to blame (the template was created in SW 2008 but the drawings in 2009), but at least I know what happened and what to do if it happens again.

            The fact that eDrawings showed the data on one of the drawings may be due to legacy data.