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How to do analysis of nanofluid in flow simulation ? Is it possible to enter solid particles properties in flow simulation?

Question asked by Anandu S. K. on May 20, 2020

Recently I did an analysis of nanofluid inside a radiator by entering nanoparticles properties in "add fluid" option in wizard. Is this the right way to do nanofluid simulation. I tried entering nanofluid properties (Like thermal conductivity, dynamic viscosity, Cp, density) but it doesn't help in any increase heat transfer rate greater than normal water. Most of the journal papers I referred had done their CFD analysis of nanofluids by entering nanoparticle properties. By entering nanoparticle properties there is an increase in heat transfer rate and I got results. But I want to know how this works in solid works (at background level). Is this the right way to do ? please help asap.


Here is a video of my procedure (by adding nanoparticle properties instead of nanofluids prop.)...