Dave LeCount

Unusual 'Read Only' Issue

Discussion created by Dave LeCount on May 20, 2020

I have one user that this problem occasionally happens to.  He will have a group of DWG files checked out to himself.  When he tries to open them to edit them, most of them will open up, but occasionally 1 or more of them will give him a "read only" warning before opening them in AutoCAD.  I don't see that he's doing anything unusual when checking out and editing files, but I did notice something odd when it happened to him today.


All four files that he had checked out were in the same folder.  What was odd is how the "Found In" information was displayed in the search results.  The 3 files that he could open in edit mode were listed as being at this location:


C:\Production Vault\library\AutoCad\700\711


The 4th file that only would open as read only was listed as being found in:


C:\Production Vault\library\AutoCad\700\711\


Note the extra "\" listed at the end of that second path.  All four files are in the same folder so that "\" on the end shouldn't exist.  I checked the file back in and then back out again and did another search.  This time all four files were editable and none of them displayed the "\" at the end of the path.


This only seems to be happening to this user, is it perhaps just a glitch?