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same material settings/mapping/texture applied, but one face is blurry and the other is not?

Question asked by Julian Araneta on May 20, 2020

I have two front panels/doors of a piece of furniture I am rendering with the unfinished oak 2d material. I normally select the part in the tree, Edit Appearance, and apply the material - no issues, always works just fine. Sometimes if it doesn't render out, I adjust the mapping until it works (larger or smaller texture size, orientation of the grain etc). This time however I've encountered a problem that I've never encountered before. When I render the file, one door is sharp - as it should be - and the other is blurry. Same material, same settings. I've also tried applying the material individually to each part, and the result is the same. I have likewise also tried applying only to the face in question, but that is also the same result. I also tried changing the size of the appearance through the mapping settings, but that doesn't change the blurriness. I have no camera on, but even with a camera and depth of field turned on, and targeted AT the blurry part, one door is still sharp and the other is blurry. Has anyone else encountered this problem?