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how to update equations in assembly?

Question asked by Voverrr Mironoff on May 20, 2020


SW 2018.

I have the main equation in the root of the assembly.

Further, I create the part with equations linked to the equations in the root assembly.

All works fine: I can change one variable in root and equations in all parts in assembly follows its value.


But after a while, I get the errors in each part of the assembly. After a month or the week. I did not notice the relation.


In this case, I have to edit each part, open and close its equation's window. But it does not show the error in the part's equation - I have just open and close this window without any changes. After that errors are disappears.



My question: Is there some macro to consistently reopen all these part's equations? Usually, I have from 20 to 150 such parts.

sorry for russian interface