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Closing open surfaces

Question asked by Alex Lachance on May 19, 2020
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I have a question about something that I've been struggling with every since I've been on SolidWorks, and that is closing open surfaces on imported models. I know how to work on SolidWorks but was never taught the surfacic part.


I am in charge of alleviating external models we receive so we can use them in our drawings, but I'm often faced with complicated models that have open edges. Sometimes I can fix them, but most of the time I can't, because of lack of understanding how surfaces works I'm guessing.


So let me begin by showing you guys the example I am working on. It's an engine we'll use to make a PTO for a trailer.


If you look closely, in red are the open edges of the surface.

Here's a few images of those that cause me problem.





There's also ''open edges'' that disappear, I don't quite understand it, perhaps someone could be of help. I drew in green where it would be on the zoomed-in image.



Unfortunately, I cannot share the model as it's one that comes from an external source which we have confidentiality agreements with, I would like to get it to become a solid though as surfaces are more intensive then solids for some reason.


I've tried a few things, I can fill a few of the gaps using the fill surface command but not all of them(complicated ones). Same thing happens with heal edges.


Any tips on how to proceed..?