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Display issues and lots of crashing SW2020 SP2 - multiple PCs

Question asked by Rob McMahon on May 18, 2020
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by Rob McMahon

My colleague and I are getting a lot of crashes and some display weirdness ~5+ per day on SW2020 SP2. For a time after SW starts, everything is as normal but the symptoms below start to appear and then SW crashes with 'SW2020 has encountered a problem and needs to close.' Symptoms are:


- all automatic fly out toolbars stop appearing (eg. in an assembly where you would select two faces and normally expect the mate options to appear, same with sketch relations flyout etc.)

- Dimension preview stops working when trying to place a dimension (in either a sketch or drawing). Normally, for example, you could select two edges in a drawing and expect to see the dimension+leaders as you move the mouse around to place the dimension by the third click. This doesn't happen so you aren't sure if you have selected the edges or not. When you place the 'invisible' dimension, it appears but often shoots way off your mouse pointer (super long extension lines)


Some info:

- I am on a laptop (Dell precision w/quadro m1200). Colleague on a decent desktop w/quadro. Both Windows 10. Both systems were pretty stable on SW2019 SP5

- We use PDM standard hosted locally

- We have put in multiple Rx's and tickets with our VAR. No resolution yet.

- We have updated graphics drivers

- My colleague has tried deleting his registry but that didn't fix the issue

- I installed the hotfix for SP2 that apparently resolves a stability issue (didn't solve this one)

- It seems to be happening on largish assemblies.


Anyone else see these kind of issues? It is really killing our productivity. I see SP3 is out today I will download and update if any changes.


Thanks guys