Cory Mader

Having problems with Motion Study animation renders using photoview

Discussion created by Cory Mader on May 18, 2020

So for work I was given an STL of a car model in order to render some videos with our product inside (the product is a hand control that helps physically impaired people to drive). Unfortunately the STL was too big and had to be imported to Solidworks as a Graphics Body.

Now to the problem at hand. I set up the motion study to show the product that is attached to the steering wheel column, and when I calculate the study it shows how it should look. But when I save the animation as a photoview render, the finished video is pointed over to the center of the vehicle (I made sure that the orientation and view was set to the correct location).

I have done an animation as just the solidworks screen as the renderer and that creates the video in the correct view.

I have no idea why when I render the animation using photoview that it is overriding the view to be the center of the model.