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Incorrect measurements in Assembly

Question asked by Peter Cohen on May 18, 2020
Latest reply on May 20, 2020 by Josh Brady

Hi, in an assembly, I was able to use the measurement tool to check/verify if the axis of two perpendicular intersecting holes are lining up (dx = 0mm if they do). However, when I imported the assembly into another assembly and did the same measurement, dx became non-zero (11.53mm in the attachment). How come? I used center-to-center and point-to-point off in the measurement tool. From the screenshot, it looks like although the same places were selected, SW measured dx from the same motor shaft but to a small hole of the same horn rather than from the motor shaft to the big holes at the bottom. I have tried the measurements many times but sometimes I also got different answers. What is the proper way to check if two axes line up and intersect with each other?