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Serial Problems

Question asked by David Lewis on May 16, 2020
Latest reply on May 16, 2020 by David Lewis

I have an academic license of SW 2019-2020, and I am having some problems with activation. As a veteran, I download the academic version every year and use it for personal projects.


I was running it in a virtual machine on my Mac, and additionally I installed it on another laptop only to initialize HSM Edit. I forgot all about that installation and that laptop was sold.


Last week I decided to install it in a workstation laptop, and naturally the allowed number of activations (2) were exceeded. I deactivated the license on my virtual machine, and then tried activating on the workstation, and now I can't activate it on ANY machine. I literally have zero machines with Solidworks running right now.


I contacted TriMech, who is listed as my VAR. They were very nice, and helped to deactivate any current activations, including on an ASUS laptop. I have never owned an ASUS machine! 


However, it hasn't helped. I decided to wipe the hard drive of the workstation and start with a fresh Win10Pro install, and then install Solidworks, and I was able to open it with a 30-day grace period. HOWEVER, as soon as I entered my serial number the grace period disappeared, and since my serial has issues I'm screwed. I'd be happy to just get the grace period back, since I'm going to get 2020-2021 in a couple of weeks anyway.


1) How can I get my legitimate serial numbers to work on computers I have physically in front of me, and disable any activations on any other computer? Trimech said they did this but it wasn't successful - I think because some unknown person reactivated it on their machine before I had to chance to.


2) How can I get back to the 30-day grace period if nothing else works?