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GPU Performance Issue AMD WX7100 & Quadro K5200

Discussion created by Cole Coleman on May 17, 2020
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Hey Community,


I am looking for some assistance from those you may have already worked through the issues that I am currently struggling to get a handle on. 


I have 2 work stations that I run for SolidWorks applications each two very different animals but both very useful for their intention. I am running on SolidWorks 2020 Premium


Machine 1: i7-4790k, 32gb ram, 860evo, AMD WX7100   -  (cpu/mboard/ram soon to be upgraded)

1)   Generally speaking, this machine works really well. I do use this one on occasion for Visualize work now that AMD ProRender is supported. I have recently discovered that any time I try to render an image greater than 1920x1080 (or similar) only a portion of the image gets rendered. 

      a) I always load to the Que for processing

      b) I thought maybe it was running out of memory but when the job initialized in the que only 4-6gb of the ram becomes used (card has 8gb)

      c) I have made sure that I am using the recommended drivers



1b) when I do render with AMD ProRender, the card seems to be extremely underutilized running at only 20-30% load? Is that normal? I would think that when jobs are loaded to the que they would utilize much more of the card's potential?




Machine 2: Dual Xeon E5-2690 v2, 128gb ram, 850evo, Quadro K5200 

2)    Generally speaking, this machine is used for load intensive multithreading operations and where I do most of my render processing utilizing the hybrid method to take advantage of both the GPU power and the 40 threads that the Xeons have to offer. 

The issue I have with this machine is similar to 1a) above in the facet that the GPU only sees loads in the range of 20-40%, however with the hybrid method, the CPU sees loads at 100% (or the set cap)? If I run solely on the GPU the K5200 averages 30-45% load (slightly higher) and occasional peaks of 65-70%, either way still leaving excess potential on the GPU untapped.

      The BIG difference with the K5200 (8gb) vs the WX71000 is the fact that even running straight on the GPU with the same amount of ram, it will process images in resolutions in excess of 4k on the same projects that the WX goes wack over 1920. 




Any pointers on how to improve the GPU performance on either platform would be greatly appreciated. If anyone needs more detailed information to assess the situation, just let me know. I've been pulling my hair out trying to get the potential out of my equipment.


Also to clear a few initial points, I am on Windows 10 Pro and the settings have already been performance-optimized and I run on 1 monitor. The WX7100 has the SW recommended driver. The K5200 is on the 441.28 driver which I believe is the correct driver.






Yes, I know it's older equipment but even without getting peak GPU performance, I would be hard-pressed to build something new for less than 2-3 grand that will shame either machine for what they are built for.