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Solidworks CAM 3D Machining Question

Question asked by Jason Warnke on May 16, 2020
Latest reply on May 16, 2020 by Brian Graves

I'm trying to learn SW CAM.  I have mostly figured out how to create features for a custom guitar body that I plan to CNC on my router.  I want to add a chamfer/bevel to a portion of one edge, and I want to use a 1/2" ball nose endmill to cut it. I also have the edges of the bevel filleted R.09" and I want to 3d machine only these surfaces:

I was able to get a toolpath similar to what I want after messing a bit, but it isn't picking up the R.09" fillets, and I want to decrease the stepover size to make a finer finish:


Anyone have any suggestions for how I can make the ballnose endmill pick up on the smaller fillets I selected?  

Thanks in advance