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Why does my user defined fan not change velocity when CFM changes?

Question asked by Mike Wyborny on May 15, 2020
Latest reply on May 15, 2020 by Mike Wyborny

I went back to a basic design using Flow Simulation using an external analysis.  I have an round insulator disk (radius is 30mm) being used as a lid for a simple user defined fan.  Outlet and inlet ports have been assigned to the two faces.  1 inch away from the exhaust I have a copper plate that's being used to create pressure, velocity change, etc.   My problem is, no matter what I use for the fan curve, the velocity on the outlet does not change for the fan.  Why is this?  I'll go from .1 CFM to 20 CFM and there's no difference in velocity, pressure, etc., when looking at the cut-plots.


EDIT:  The reason I went back to 'simple', is that I'm trying to debug my original issue where a fan is going over a heat sink, and I noticed the heat wasn't changing when I entered a larger CFM.