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Simulating UV light intensity.

Question asked by Arthur Perce on May 14, 2020

I am a student currently taking a design class. For my project I am looking to design a microwave like box which contains UV-C light bulbs. While I have some experience with solidworks, I have yet to use the simulation windows. In my design, I would like the intensity of the light throughout the box to be at least 1 J.Cm^-2 and I would like to have the light intensity corresponding to every point within the box to be graphed. If you are having trouble understanding what I am asking, picture a thermal image of the spread of the heat given off by the UV light throughout the box, but rather than having it plot heat, having it plot light intensity. Unfortunately, I do not see any option for light intensity simulations, and the radiation option seems to be associated with the thermal simulations. I do not need to manufacture this design, I just need to prove that it satisfies the above requirement. Does anyone have any advice as to how I would go about doing this? Please note that this is a design class, and I am not violating academic dishonesty by asking this question.

I have attached below the modular UV-C light system, which would then be placed within a box.