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How to create completely new hole standard

Question asked by Alex Wilhelm on May 14, 2020
Latest reply on May 15, 2020 by Brian Graves

I am trying to create a completely new hole standard for the holes required for potted inserts in composite panels.  I have found that I can copy an existing standard, but the tools for editing it are very limited. 

I need these holes to be flat bottomed (bottom angle 180°), and some will need to have a depth specified.  But I cannot see a way to add new columns to an existing hole standard.  If I try exporting the table to excel, adding the columns, and then importing it, It throws an error that the column was not expected.  And, I'm left to just guess what the proper column name to specify these things MIGHT be.

I also would like to be able to rename the sub categories within the new standard.  For example, I have a new standard (copy of ANSI Inch) called "Panel Inserts", but within that I'm stuck with the existing names (straight holes, counterbore holes, etc).  I would like these to be things like "Through inserts", "Blind inserts" etc.

I have been searching on this for a couple of hours now, and it feels like what I want to do is impossible.  How can that be?  

How do I go about creating a new hole standard from scratch?