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Macros running slow after update to Windows 10

Question asked by Ian McKenzie on May 15, 2020
Latest reply on May 22, 2020 by David Lane

Several months ago when our company was still clinging to Windows 7, we were all using VBA macros to update our part properties in Solidworks and they would always start up quickly and work well. Since we switched over to Windows 10 however, it seems like every time I run the macro for the first time (ie., subsequent attempts to run the macro don't have this issue) the macro starts, opens its input form and then hangs the program for a few seconds while presumably the VBA lags. You can't click into the form while this is happening, but then it'll eventually wake back up and be fine again just like it used to be.


I think this is an issue with VBA in general on Windows 10 because we also run an excel macro that since our update will now run extremely slowly for the first run and then speed up on subsequent runs. 


Has anyone seen this issue? Any fixes?