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Feature tree in 3D PDF "Save As" of a part

Discussion created by Ravi N. on May 14, 2020
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When I save a part (not an assembly) as a 3D PDF, I can view and manipulate the exported model as a unit.  Expanding the feature tree, however, shows only the last feature added to the model and not all the features I put into it.  ie. I can't hide individual bosses, revolves, cuts, etc.  Is this the expected behavior or should I have access to the lower-level constituents?


I've downloaded 3D PDFs in the past and the feature trees on them allow fine grained control.  But, these may be assemblies and not individual parts.


Version: SolidWorks 2019 (employer provided)


Sources consulted: This Forum through websearches, many Youtube videos, coworkers


Context: Casual CAD user. Needs to make the occasional model for discussion when a hand sketch won't do.  Last used Solidworks circa 2003 and coming to grips with 2019's offerings.