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Solidworks 2020 SP2.0 MBD (Dimxpert), cone and intersect planes for bore depth

Question asked by James Klyne on May 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2020 by James Klyne

What are some of the MBD approaches to dimensioning the depth of a bore that has an angled shoulder (not certain what to call this internal profile, like a counterbore with a chamfered/countersunk bottom)… Picture is worth a thousand words (section view):


Picture of model section view

When I use the Location Dimension tool from MBD Dimensions tab, I can create an "Intersect Plane" between the cone and the hole to the left of it. This intersect plane is always visible, even on isometric views on a 2D drawing... frustrating.


I saw a post that mention using a reference dimension, not really ideal, it also ends up perpendicular to the annotation view it is assigned to (section view):


This feature has been troublesome to constrain as well, I cannot get any gd&t applied to it... could use a clue or two.

Another annoying issue is that when you use the Location Dimension tool, if you immediately right click on the dim and select "Select Annotation View", the annotation views available are different than if you completely escape out after creating a dim and then right clicking:

In the last image, you can see the red colored intersect plane outlined by a blue line. This red plane will now be visible on the 3D model as long as the intersect plane exists, with no way I could find to hide it. Turning off plane visibility from the heads-up view makes no difference (really I should be able to right click the plane and hide it, without hiding all planes... if that even worked).


This feature was not created with the hole wizard, as it is in internally turned profile meant for another part to install inside.


As a side note, I am trying to place all my design intent, including the tolerances, within the model. Traditionally, we have created 2D drawings with the smart dimension tool (using model items was too clunky and unpredictable). I'd like to use the dimxpert/MBD dimensions on 2D, as we still use those 100% of the time, but most of our drawings have the tolerances typed in on the 2D drawing (not linked to the model). I was hoping to use MBD to get around this.