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Multi-body Save Body configurations issue

Question asked by Dragos Rotundu on May 14, 2020
Latest reply on May 15, 2020 by Dragos Rotundu

I have a test multi-body part with multiple configurations and with solids made from surfaces and from simple sketches.

I'm trying to transfer the configurations of the multi-body part to Saved bodies parts but the configurations are not transferred to the saved bodies. I know that if I open the individual bodies, for the Stock-multi-body I can change what configuration to be applied (using external refs from the tree) but the configurations tab shows only one configuration.


It seems that sometimes the configurations can be transferred to the separate bodies, but I'm not sure by what rule: maybe is dependent on the number of configs or maybe on the number of solid bodies, or maybe on the types of features used in multi-body.


I've looked at several other posts with similar questions, especially at Mark Matthews reply in this Preserve Configurations in Parts Derived via "Save Bodies" Feature; but even when I take his sample file, delete savebodies feature, add a new 3rd configuration, add savebodies feature back, the saved parts have only the default configuration.


I'm attaching my test part, it is a SW 2019 version.


Any help would be much appreciated.