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Star (Asterix) in Balloons

Question asked by Steve Reinisch on May 13, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by Matthew Lorono

This is an old one but always seems to cause me headaches:


  • Assembly detailed drawing
  • Assemblies (made up of parts)  are in a dummy assembly inserted off the face of the sheet
  • individual assemblies are detailed (Altered item drawing) on the drawing
  • BoM is inserted and points to the assembly off the sheet, set to insert top level only
  • link views to the BoM in the view properties
  • Part assemblies have config setting set to hide child components i if used in an assembly. Tried doing the hide components in BoM setting to with no luck.


No matter how I mess around with it I cannot get the balloons to show the correct find number just an asterix.


I've done this in the past a number of times and it has always caused a bit of grief but somehow it suddenly starts working but not in this case.


SW2019 SP 4.0

PDM Pro 2019


Thanks in advance for any tips to fix this.