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Can anyone help with Simulation Set Up ??

Question asked by Kartik Patel on May 11, 2020

Hi everyone, I am working on a Project for Deck Design for Crane. however, I am not sure how to correctly Set up the Study in My particular case. I have attached the Picture of Deck Design on Which the Crane is being mounted and I have also Attached Crane Spec Sheet. I want to perform a simulation on the maximum load Capacity of Crane which is 5000 Lbs 17FT Boom Extension at 75 Degree angle as per Crane Load Chart. In my studies, I have Applied Remote Load of 5000Lbs With Reference to New Defined Coordinates at Center of the Plate Where Crane Is mounted. ( Pictures Attached ).


1) Am I applying the Load Properly Any Suggestions?

2) This Study Does not Include Weight Of the Crane Itself. Where Should I Apply the Weigh?

 2) I also want to Study the Behaviour of the Deck based on Carrying Load From Point A to Point B as Crane Can Rotate 400 Degree.


Any suggestions will be helpful.