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drawing generated from flexible sub-assembly

Question asked by Mike Thompson on May 11, 2020
Latest reply on May 11, 2020 by Mike Thompson

I often create a top level assembly that contains some flexible sub-assemblies. I did a lot of this in the past with another software and it all seemed to work the same within Solidworks. Now that I am at a point where I am generating drawings, I have realized that SW does not seem to be maintaining the relationship driven by my mates at the upper assembly level when I generate the drawing of the sub-assembly.


If I lock the angle shown through mates at the upper level, I would like the sub-assembly to generate drawing views based on that position. See the embedded image for an example. If that angle measured 35 degrees, I want the sub-assembly to be at that when I open it, and the drawing to follow. I understand that it is flexible and I can pull it out of alignment at the sub-assembly level if I want to, but I have discovered that simply opening the sub-assembly in its own window allows it to revert to some previous angle (it actually seems bent on doing it) and it is completely unrelated to the upper level.


In my previous life with another software, all you needed to do to sync it back up if it was pulled off or changed, was load the top level, update it, open the flexible sub, open the drawing, and all would match. Can I get there with Solidworks?