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HELP! how can i add split lines to imprint the physical bolts for analysis?

Question asked by imka kami on May 11, 2020
Latest reply on May 12, 2020 by Paul Salvador

hello everyone.

I've some issues with a project i'm working on. the task is to statically simulate a symmetrical hitch trailer bar system.

So basically in aim to obtain accurate results i managed to defeature the unnecessary features also i considered only half model to ease and fasten the results without hindering and weakening my computer resources. i managed to use solid elements for all my parts ( results are demonstrated below)

  so more about defining my boundary conditions i have specified some fixtures as follow:

- initially a symmetrical fixture was set at the faces figuring in the symmetry plan

-  i restrained radial translations  in the bolt cylindrical holes as shown below

- i also restrained translation in the bolt head imprint on the bottom face normal to the created virtual wall (rigid, k=0.2) as shown below

for the load i considered as a first case study to apply a nose load on the top face of the coupler ball ( refer to 1st pic)

- for the connections specification i applied frictional ( no penetration) contact to all where there is a contact and specifying 0.2 as friction coefficient (k)

-also i used physical bolt representation by specifying 80 N.m as torque preload (8.8 alloy steel)

- i kept my geometrical pin where i specified the necessary no penetration contact to the holes and to the cylindrical face of the pin (k=0.2)

- lastly for the mesh i set it as follow:

also i specified an h-adaptive mesh refinement ( in most loaded areas)

so after setting all the necessary simulation B.C's i start the study runner and directly i got the following problems

1st issue

2nd issue

3rd issue 


i'm really lost here . i hope you guys can help me to solve this issues 

If you find necessary to have access to the files please ask me so i can raise them here in the forum 

thank you.