Jean Solagnier

More than 360 degrees in mate controller. Possible?

Discussion created by Jean Solagnier on May 10, 2020

Hello all.


Due to Covid-19 i have to simulate our school project in SolidWorks instead of physical demonstration. In short, it is a line following robot. 
I want to use mate controller to animate the wheels. The problem is, right now it is not possible to rotate the wheels more than 360 degree's.

I am using mate controller exclusively because i find it easier than motion studies, and also motion study breaks my mates right now.
The wheels do not have to follow the ground 100% realistically, a little bit of slippage is fine.anything more than 0 or 1 rotation is  better than anything.


In short; Is there a way or workaround to make more than 360 degree's of rotation in mate controller?


Thanks in advance,


Mechatronics student