James Elias

Clean out old remote access stuff/references/whatever?

Discussion created by James Elias on May 10, 2020

I usually work local, but occasionally I need to open SW files via VPN from a client's network.  The problem is that my SW (2017 sp5) is now apparently trying to access the network drives every so often, and while it waits for an answer, SW just pauses until time-out is reached.  I say that it's extremely likely that the issue is related to these network-access sessions because when I initiate the VPN connection and let it run, the pauses are much shorter.  But I don't want to have to leave the VPN open (and the client wouldn't like it either).  There are definitely no references to remote data in my work files, these access attempts are happening for some other reason.


So is there any way to tell SW, "don't try to access what isn't being worked on anyway", and/or is there some sort of cache to clear that would solve this?