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Is there a method of using the API to create a custom location label?

Question asked by Joseph Kissling on May 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 11, 2020 by Nilesh Patel

Our drawing standards for location labels are shown in the image below, on the right-hand side. Solidworks' automatic location labels are of the form on the left-hand side. I have played around with the document settings and could not devise a method to have location labels look like our drawing standards automatically. 


I have resorted to manually editing the location label properties, shown below, to get the desired result. 



I've done some searching around and haven't seen any way to pull the <ZONESH viewid=####> and <ZONE viewid=####> from the location label to either move them around like I have done manually or create a note containing those properties to replace the location label. Is there a method for doing this?


The end goal is to ideally have a macro mapped to a hotkey that allows me to select a location label, hit the hotkey, and have the location label changed to our format standard.  


Any guidance in the process would be greatly appreciated!