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Problem with ExportToDWG2

Question asked by Mohammadali Farzad on May 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 11, 2020 by Mohammadali Farzad

Hi Guys,


I have a problem with ExportToDWG2 method.


boolResult = swPart.ExportToDWG2(strExportPath, strFilePath, swExportAction, True, varAlignmnet, False, False, 0, varView)


I am writing a code in VBA for SolidWorks 2015 to export the selected faces or planes to dwg.

Everything is fine when I use "swExportAction=swExportToDWG_ExportSelectedFacesOrLoops" to export a face.

But when I change it to "swExportAction=swExportToDWG_ExportAnnotationViews" and add "varView = "*Front"", the method returns False.


Is there anybody has the same problem?