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Nonlinear dynamic simulation: Initial mass

Discussion created by Diagarajen Carpanen on May 8, 2020



I am trying to create a nonlinear dynamic simulation of a table leg touching the ground at 1m/s for 0.005 s.

I have created a surface which I have defined as rigid body, in contact with the leg at the bottom (no penetration & with friction).

The rigid surface is fixed.

I have applied an initial velocity of 1m/s in the vertical direction to the leg.

I have applied gravity load.

There are some fixtures bolted to the top of the leg which weigh 5 kg. I am trying to simulate this weight by using a remote load direct. Is that the correct way to do this?

I am concerned that the way I am applying  the weight is wrong. The weight should be acting for the whole duration of the analysis.



Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you