Kristian Thompson

How to obtain element force along shell edge to size welds?

Discussion created by Kristian Thompson on May 7, 2020

Hi everybody!


I was hoping you my be able to help me with a linear static shell analysis that I am running. I am trying to obtain the element forces (normal forces and shears forces) along the edge of a shell. I want to plot this information so that I can feed these force back into a hand calculation to determine an appropriate weld size to join two plates.


I am trying to follow the method outlined in this video, however they are using Autodesk Nastran In-CAD, but I presume SOLIDWORKS can generate the same output, its just a matter of how.


Predicting and Validating Welds with FEA in Autodesk Nastran In-CAD - YouTube (if you jump to 34:20 it explains the data I am trying to obtain).


I am trying to plot the forces along these edges circled below:


Please find the SOLIDWORKS files attached, any questions please let me know. Thanks in advance!