Xiao Shang

Assembly feature - hole wizard rebuild error

Discussion created by Xiao Shang on May 8, 2020

Hi folks,


I have been having this problem for quite a while but never found a good solution:


1. I made holes on a plate using hole wizard in a subassembly level in reference to the hole centres on a cartridge in this subassembly. The holes are then propagated to the plate itself. (fig.1)

2. I then insert a few more plates. (fig.2)

3. When I insert this subassembly into a bigger assembly and mate it in place, I got rebuild errors (fig.3), and this error will be passed to the subassembly (fig.4). However, I can solve the error in the subassembly by clicking "edit feature"->"OK" (yes, without having to change anything). But as soon as I go back to the bigger assembly, the rebuild error appears again.


The plate and cartridge are free to move along the rail but relative movement is not allow between them. In the bigger assembly, I have this subassembly as a flexible part.


This is not the first time I'm having problem with hole wizard in a assembly level... Could you point out what I am doing wrong here?