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Weldment Custom and Configuration specific properties

Question asked by Henrik Steéde on May 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 9, 2020 by Henrik Steéde


I'm having trouble with some Weldment profiles. We have a configured library of some of  the standard tubes and pipes available. In the Custom properties we have the basic information about the profile( Material, standard, dimension). Now our now our production departement want to start making some products inhouse and want us to add our companies article code for the material.


I said that that would no problem But I soon found out that if I add our article code in the configuration specific properties none of the custom specific properties will propagate to the weldment cut list properties, only the Configuration specific properties.

I don't want to put all that information in Configuration properties because if I need to change anythoing then I have to change in all the configurations.


Can I some how work around this?


We're using SW2016 (maybe that's the problem) right now. We'e planning to upgrade this year but our server is too old at the moment.