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Symmetrical Deformation of Part - How To

Question asked by Paul Ditullio on May 6, 2020

Hello All,


I've been experimenting with different options for deforming a part, but I can't seem to get the result I want.


the deform feature seems to be providing the best results. the flex feature has resulted in too many geometric inaccuracies. a more detailed explanation follows, but my goal is to add a feature to the part that simulates someone squeezing it between their fingers and causing it to flex.


I've attached a simplified version of the part I'm working with. i would like to flex the part inward at the point shown in the attached image, and i would like it to be flexed inward at the similar point on the opposite side of the Right (symmetry) plane.


the deform feature has given me the best results so far, but it still isnt quite what i'm looking for.

ideally, i would be able to flex one side of the part inward, as shown in the image, while flexing the other side inward as well. As far as i'm aware, the deform feature does not offer this option.

cutting the part in half, fixing the geometry at the symmetry plane while deforming, then mirroring results in unrealistic behavior, so this option isn't really useful in this case.

i have the standard simulation package, so saving the deformed body as a result of the simulation isnt an option either.


any help you can offer would be very much appreciated. thank you,