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How to edit a downloaded 3d file?

Question asked by John Welzel on May 6, 2020
Latest reply on May 8, 2020 by Tony Tieuli

I found a 3d file i liked but wanted to make changes to. the author even linked the address to download the 3d files if anyone wanted to change anything on their own, so i went to the link and it comes up with fusion 360. Of course i don't use fusion, but it still lets me download in a variety of formats. I chose STP. 

I open the stp file in SW and then get the file manager shows the model and the individual pieces but thats it. Its a 3d printed wallet, so first i isolated the front of the wallet then hit the button to add to new part. When i move the mouse over the model, it highlights all the lines or faces, but on the design tree, it still just shows just a single model and nothing else. No features and nothing to edit. 

Is there anyway to get SW to recognize the model or the features or the dimensions? Does everything i said even make sense? It seems hard to even explain.

So first, here's a piston i did, the design tree shows all the features i did to design the part. 

Now the 3d file i downloaded and opened in SW, this is all i get. A single model with no features or anything and doesn't seem to be any options. The model clearly shows multiple features but on the left, the design tree only shows a single feature or model i guess. I'm new to SW and self teaching myself and really hoping to be able to import a 3d model and edit it as needed. 


I've already 3d printed the wallet and moving forward i'll just redraw the entire thing in SW if i have to, just really anxious to figure out if i can make everything work by importing the original files since there's permission to save on all the back work. It's not nearly as accurate trying to redraw from a 3d printed object, in my opinion anyways. Was one of my first very early things to print getting started in all this.

Thanks for any advice on this.