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Origin-Dest. Arrows without manager

Question asked by Bryce Yokom on May 6, 2020

Is there anyway to add Origin-Dest Arrows without using the manager. We have one origin and a lot of destinations on some wires and using the manager when all done takes a very long time. I'd rather have a symbol that links to another symbol that is the origin then in macros and while doing schematics be able to drop in the Destinations for that origin and bypass the manager all together. 

My thought was to use the hyper-passing on a symbol and call one origin and the other symbol Destination making the origin the parent cross ref and all the Destinations the Child. But the parent doesn't show the location of the child. So i tried same as cross ref but then all the Destinations show the locations of each other rather than just the origin. 

I'm just wondering if anyone else has found a way to do something similar?